Amplifying Students' Voices

The public education conversation in New York City, and really everywhere, is dominated by the voices of politicians, school officials, union leaders, and others who have long since forgotten what it's like to sit in a student's desk. The result is a politicized dialogue that often loses sight of the most important stakeholders: children.

Because of this politicization, media coverage of schools has come to resemble play-by-play coverage of a tennis match, dulling our collective will to produce change.

The Bell takes a different approach. We share stories from students, whose voices connect with us on a more personal level and remind us what's at stake. We hope that our coverage promotes an urgent dialogue that drives to the root of the problems in our schools and inspires all of us to come together, on the same team, to solve them.

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– Taylor McGraw, editor of The Bell



Empowering Students


The Bell provides a platform for a student-led coalition called Teens Take Charge, which advocates for educational equity in New York City. You can see video clips from the first two events below. Learn more at

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